Management team

Errol Hendrickse, MD

Errol is not just a designer; he is a true creative of the 21st century, multi-talented, multi- faceted. He is someone who does not fit definitions. He has designed, styled, TV presented, sat on the prestigious Trend Forecast Committee Bureaux Mix, tutored students at the Institute of Interior Design, has written columns for numerous magazines, and newspapers – and speaking engagements include: CTFC (Cape Town Fashion Council), Women in Arts Foundation, Somerset Women Association, Women Empowerment Seminar, and numerous ambassadorial presentations on the fundamentals of South African design and craft on a global level – which included the Dutch, French and British Embassies .

He currently runs an international trend analysis company which focuses on emerging markets and the role they play within the global economic development. He advised for the Istanbul Fashion Council, and the European Union Committee for International Fashion Trade.

Formally trained in textiles then a degree in marketing and business studies, he forged himself a successful career in London running an images consultancy with an impressive list of clients ranging from powerful executives like Michael Cooper, the owner of the Mini Cooper brand, to big corporate including Saatchi and Saatchi, Sainsbury’s, Abbey National, Ralph Lauren, Cerrutti, and the Gap. He is also a recognised fashion commentator and writes for his own internationally acclaimed blog along with being fashion editor for SideView Magazine, Fashion advisor for LABB and Features and Lifestyle Editor for the Presenter Magazine. His career has led him into the fashion and the arts world advising across a broad spectrum of creative genre and people.

It is Errol’s ebullient personality and his sharp one-liners that landed him TV jobs with ITN, Living, BBC and GMTV. GMTV’s Hand Over Your House’ show which Errol presented made him a household name in the UK. The show had an audience of over 10 million people. In South Africa he appeared on such shows as RGB, Africa Couture and guest presented on numerous radio show and in the press.

Errol’s professional and personal evolution led him to coin a new definition for himself and venture outside the straitening jacket of just design. He sees himself rather as a Life Style Architect, an agent of individual’s creative empowerment. Not only for the enlightened professionals in the design fraternity, but for anyone with an interest in design.
For Errol Hendrickse, Art and Design is a powerful medium to inspire. Inspire to create and empower to be. He believes that individual’s confidence, creative and otherwise, comes with his ability to discover the freedom of choice and the power of being me.

Gemma KH Suppa, Operations Director

Gemma joined the Ubuntu International Team three years ago and has worked her way up and now heads the Client Accounts Team.

With a degree in psychology and business management experience that expands over 20 years, she leads a dynamic team that understand that the creative industry is more than just design but also a state of mind.

With this knowledge she applies her craft in training and development workshops for emerging designer globally.