Nedine Vos – South African Super Model


A number of years ago I was present at the most serial casting ever done. The short tail is, that after a long day and having wrapped, we stood outside contemplating the day’s events. In mid discussion a group of ladies came running up Long Acre, Convent Garden all in a fluster having missed the days casting. Despondent I suggested that why don’t I cast them there and then! Handing me their books and donning on their heels they walk for me down the pavement in the middle of the street. The rest as they say is history, as one of those girls was the incomparable South African born Nedine Vos. I caught up with [...]

Craig Port Swimwear (UK) 2013

Craig Port Swimwear 2013

While growing up, designer Craig Port developed a deep love of the sea and a keen appreciation of the attributes of coastal living – influences that have shaped the laid-back glamour of his fashion and lifestyle ranges. Now Cape Town-based, Craig has a strong sense of fashion, a keen awareness of global zeitgeist and a penchant for the fabulous. Simple elegance characterizes his collections, which are religiously showcased at Cape Town Fashion Week and have been shown at Mexico, Johannesburg and Stockholm Fashion Weeks. His designs are imbued with a distinctive sense of occasion – a flair that has seen internat [...]

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Naked Ape

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