Ubuntu International Project are a full service management agency providing new business development services to designers and brands within the fashion sector. The Agency’s global network of business relationships has fuelled its growth beyond fashion, into accessories, jewellery, handbags and homewares. The multi-disciplined practice provides a broad range of specialised business and branding services, including product endorsements, multi-media development, branding, personal appearances, sponsorships, and international expansion. Proving valuable to our clients our very modern approach allows for the creation of new revenue streams coupled with comprehensive communications programs borne from our offices.

We head up a broad range of accounts across men’s and women’s wear as well as jewellery, accessories and homewares. We run day to day client management, budget management, new business development and pitches, have solid contacts with magazine fashion features, news writers and bloggers, a creative approach to new/feature angles and excellent experience in implementing comprehensive communications and seasonal strategies to be able to work in a fast-paced environment prioritising for clients and our team.

Our media contacts know us for our creative approach and innovative news angles and we regularly get our brands talked about in traditional media and we know how to create an online buzz with social media deliveries too.

As your agent we would:

  • Liaising with the designer to establish how the new collection is taking shape,
  • How manufacturing is going
  • Chasing payments from stores
  • Calling buyers in to see a new collection
  • Continual brand awareness and growth campaigns
  • Setting delivery dates
  • Overseeing installation of merchandising is in compliance to brand message.
  • Fundamentally working to objectives set which are to expose your brand to an international market leading to unit sales.
  • Act as your management agent in the EU – we will field and handle all your publicity, PR, Marketing, Branding needs, any general day to day operations, sales, promotions, orders, and distribution logistic – all this is followed up by monthly reports to you to review the progress which allows us to bench mark the development of your brand.
  • Establish general conditions of sales (GCS) pricing policy, editing documents, catalogues, and leaflets.
  • Negotiate your product sales, pricing conditions, shop targets and promotions.
  • Ensure compliance with trade agreements negotiated
  • Report and feedback on your products field information, and also the competition, especially on market developments.
  • Maintain a strong relationship with field actors and participate together in trade fairs internationally.
  • Maintain relationships with the institutions, press and PR
  • Supervise edition of the look books, catalogues, brochures, casting and photo shoots of collections

Our service also include:

  • Public Relations Consultation
  • Bespoke PR package - A full PR package in line with your business needs and brand strategy.
  • Press Kit Development - A full information pack (media decks) on your business, background and products and services.
  • Product Press Releases - Expertly written Press Releases that wow the media and showcase your products and services.
  • Fresh Seasonal Press Releases - Topical Press Releases to suit the season and special calendar events.
  • Product Placement in local, national and international media – TV, women’s magazines, national tabloid newspapers, broadsheets, magazine websites & blogs.
  • Product Placement in international media.
  • Online PR - Blogs, forums, magazine websites, online newsletters, article directories, SEO optimisation and more.
  • Trade PR.
  • Celebrity Endorsement.
  • Exposure to key fashion, beauty and lifestyle writers, editors and stylists.
  • Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle online retail advice.
  • Brand and Product Development.
  • Support and assistance with distribution leads and relationships with buyers.
  • Trend Reports - Inside knowledge of what’s HOT for the season and forthcoming seasons.
  • Industry Knowledge.
  • Blogging & Social Networking.
  • Website Development and Support - Expert advice and support on how to maximise your website and increase your conversion rate.
  • Copy Writing.
  • Newsletter Content.
  • Business to Business PR - Help, support and advice on generating new business opportunities such as identifying new suppliers or sponsorship deals.
  • Image editing service - Photoshop editing of your images to meet the media standards.
  • Digital PR Services.